Divine Wafting From Top Table Guest

At a small gathering recently held at a sailing club frequented by several of the family, we had one or two members who drifted into our groups and we didn’t mind – they were kind enough to loan us the room, and to be frank, they are from the very top table end of the […]


Roses Roses All The Way

Oh the lovely whiff of a rose scented wrist – I just love the smell and I like to be surrounded by rose scented items.  Not so overpoweringly that we all faint as soon as the door opens.  As we all know, scent manufacturer has been going to thousands of years – maybe not ending […]


Stay Out There No.5, Your Time’s Not Up

There are so many different types of scent these days.  We go through phases every few years where a very girlie, sweet, floral number comes along and it is the favourite of the advertising world for a few months.  Every magazine worth it’s salt will be featuring it somewhere alongside an advertorial.  There will be […]


Luxuriously Scented Bath Sensation

One of my great pleasures, which I can’t indulge in very often, is to soak in a deliciously fragrant bath.   I don’t do this often because of course, water is a scarce commodity and we need to shower instead.  But occasionally I allow myself the pleasure of dipping below a bath full of luxurious bubbles.  […]


Scenting The High Notes And The Base Notes

I have always struggled with the subject of perfume and generally anything with a perfume theme.  I used to for years think that I couldn’t wear it at all.  This was such a disappointment when younger, as in those days I was a junior travel agent and had the chance to travel to the main […]


Keeping A Fragrant Spring In Your Step

There really is something special about the end of winter and the arrival of spring – once those winter blues have drifted away, taking with them the rotten rough weather, heavy winds and torrential rain and endless grey days.  Th very thought of that weather makes for a heavy heart.  That then more than anything […]


Perfume as the Ideal Festive Gift

Perfume is a great option for gifting at Christmas time.  It allows for many different tastes and options, which allows you to buy the perfect fragrances for your loved ones.  There are a few things to think of when shopping for perfumes as gifts. Firstly, you need to think about which smells your friend or […]


When to Buy Perfumes: gifts and presents for everyone!

Buying perfume as gifts is always a great idea.  Women love to recieve perfume, and there are lots of gift options available!  Often, manufacturers will create special limited edition packages where the perfume comes in a gift set along with shower or bath products.  These are a good gift to give at christmas time. Who […]


How to shop for perfumes – where to look and buy

There are lots of options when it comes to buying perfume.  Here are our ideas for where to shop for your perfumes. Pharmacy – a major seller of perfumes, these shops often have lots of tester bottles so you can try the scent out before you buy.  Normally, there is a large range of sizes […]


What is the difference between EDT and EDP?

Buying a perfume can be a tricky decision, particularly as there are so many different types to choose from! What exactly are EDT and EDP and what are the differences between them? EDT stands for Eau de Toilette and is a diluted perfume.  The perfume oils are mixed with purified water to create a fragrance […]