Divine Wafting From Top Table Guest

At a small gathering recently held at a sailing club frequented by several of the family, we had one or two members who drifted into our groups and we didn’t mind – they were kind enough to loan us the room, and to be frank, they are from the very top table end of the […]


Roses Roses All The Way

Oh the lovely whiff of a rose scented wrist – I just love the smell and I like to be surrounded by rose scented items.  Not so overpoweringly that we all faint as soon as the door opens.  As we all know, scent manufacturer has been going to thousands of years – maybe not ending […]


Stay Out There No.5, Your Time’s Not Up

There are so many different types of scent these days.  We go through phases every few years where a very girlie, sweet, floral number comes along and it is the favourite of the advertising world for a few months.  Every magazine worth it’s salt will be featuring it somewhere alongside an advertorial.  There will be […]


Luxuriously Scented Bath Sensation

One of my great pleasures, which I can’t indulge in very often, is to soak in a deliciously fragrant bath.   I don’t do this often because of course, water is a scarce commodity and we need to shower instead.  But occasionally I allow myself the pleasure of dipping below a bath full of luxurious bubbles.  […]


Keeping A Fragrant Spring In Your Step

There really is something special about the end of winter and the arrival of spring – once those winter blues have drifted away, taking with them the rotten rough weather, heavy winds and torrential rain and endless grey days.  Th very thought of that weather makes for a heavy heart.  That then more than anything […]


Getting Your Perfume to Last Longer

Making your perfume last through the day can be a challenge, particularly if you don’t have a very strong scent!  Here are my tips for getting the most out of your fragrance choice. Layer your scent – start applying before you get dressed, applying to all areas of the body.  This means that you have […]


Soaps, Shower Gels and Bath Products for Perfume

Did you know that many perfumes are manufactured with matching bath and shower products?  This means you can prolong the life of your perfume without spending a fortune!  Let’s look at how we can use these products. Shower Gel – use in the shower to lather and wash the body.  If used in the same […]