Divine Wafting From Top Table Guest

At a small gathering recently held at a sailing club frequented by several of the family, we had one or two members who drifted into our groups and we didn’t mind – they were kind enough to loan us the room, and to be frank, they are from the very top table end of the choice!  With these two couples came a fabulous waft of some exotic scent – it was light, not in anyway overdone, just perfect for the occasion.  I vaguely recognised it but didn’t know the wearer at all so felt uneasy about grilling her for information at that point!

As it happens, another guest had the same sensation, of being totally smitten by this wonderful light aroma that filled the nostrils for a few seconds burst.  She wasn’t quite so delicate with the manners and asked outrind hers and yet neither would have named that one.  Funny how scent reacts on different bodies!