Getting Your Makeup to Last the Night

  • February 8th, 2017
  • Beauty
  • Melanie Hughes

If you are going out on the town, clubbing, or on a romantic date night, you will be putting in the effort to get your makeup looking just right.  It only stands to reason that you would want your look to last through the night, not wear off after a couple of hours!  Here’s a guide to getting your makeup to stay put!

  1. Layer up:  begin with a good base layer of moisuturiser and primer.  These will give your foundation something to cling onto.
  2. Lightly does it: instead of one thick coating, apply liquid products in light layers.  foundation will blend better this way, and will be more likely to stay where it is rather than turning into a patchy mess.
  3. Set everything:  Use a light powder to dust over your face.  Bake your under eye concealer by applying a thick layer of loose white powder using a beauty blender and leave it to sit for 5-10 minutes.  The sitting will help it to adhere to your concealer and make it stay put for hours.  Dust off using a fluffy brush after the time is up.  No more creasing!
  4. Use a setting spray: there are lots of brands which offer great setting sprays.  You simply mist over your completed makeup look and it literally sets it all in place.  You can get matt and dewy finish sprays, so choose the one which you prefer the look of.  Matt is good for during the summer and dewy finishes make your skin look glowy and radiant.