Keeping A Fragrant Spring In Your Step

There really is something special about the end of winter and the arrival of spring – once those winter blues have drifted away, taking with them the rotten rough weather, heavy winds and torrential rain and endless grey days.  Th very thought of that weather makes for a heavy heart.  That then more than anything sets our mood for the start of the day.  Nothing light and frothy comes to mind.  Make up can look dowdy when the light isn’t as pure as in the early spring.

The choice of frangrance is so important – the one thing that makes us feel really beautiful without even having to glance in the mirror.  In the early light months of the year, maybe a floran note would be better than heavy musky tones.  peony and fressia notes always appeal.  Bring it on and get out for that lovely laughing walk bathed in spring sunshine and lusicious light scent!