Luxuriously Scented Bath Sensation

One of my great pleasures, which I can’t indulge in very often, is to soak in a deliciously fragrant bath.   I don’t do this often because of course, water is a scarce commodity and we need to shower instead.  But occasionally I allow myself the pleasure of dipping below a bath full of luxurious bubbles.  I have to be careful not to go mad, mine is a whirlpool tub, quite large anyway, and the consequence of pressing the pump can be alarming!

After my much deserved luxury bath, I thoroughly enjoy slapping on the matching body lotion and body butter.  It is impossible to describe that wonderful moment when you have the lusicously smelling cream on hand, ready for that rubbing in operation.  Pure heaven.   I know some articles advocate rubbing in when the skin is still damp.  I’ve not discovered the benefits – am wondering if this dilutes the scent!