Perfume as the Ideal Festive Gift

Perfume is a great option for gifting at Christmas time.  It allows for many different tastes and options, which allows you to buy the perfect fragrances for your loved ones.  There are a few things to think of when shopping for perfumes as gifts.

Firstly, you need to think about which smells your friend or loved one likes most.  If you already know their favourite perfume, you can easily find either the same or similar fragrances to offer them which come from the same perfume families.  For example, you can get oriental, floral, woody and fruity smells.

Another thing to think about is the intensity of the fragrance.  There are some perfumes which are very intense and they fill the room as soon as you walk in.  This suits some people, but not all – others may prefer a more subtle scent which does not overpower the senses.