Roses Roses All The Way

Oh the lovely whiff of a rose scented wrist – I just love the smell and I like to be surrounded by rose scented items.  Not so overpoweringly that we all faint as soon as the door opens.  As we all know, scent manufacturer has been going to thousands of years – maybe not ending up in beautifully shaped glass bottles, or in those dear little atomiser bottles, but they’ve been available to us in all sorts of guises throughout many centuries.  My dear and very ancient mama has reached one of those milestone birthdays.  She always dresses beautifully and her finishing trick is to pope some favourite scent on the wrists and near the neckline of any jumper she’s wearing.    I personally love the sachets of rose scented papers that  you can hang in the wardrobe or in the undies drawer – these have been an absolute revelation for mum. Oh she’s so pleased!