Scenting The High Notes And The Base Notes

I have always struggled with the subject of perfume and generally anything with a perfume theme.  I used to for years think that I couldn’t wear it at all.  This was such a disappointment when younger, as in those days I was a junior travel agent and had the chance to travel to the main holiday hot spots.  Always I used to ignore the many duty free opportunities as I thought I couldn’t wear perfume.   What a waste!

Today though there are so many wonderful online souces for perfume, scentred body products, gift sets et al.  The nature of the business is not quite so secretive these days and the big perfumeries have quite a bit of competition from the smaller brands.  Knowing the high n otes and base notes can be tricky.  Getting online advice on how to select an aroma is well worth seeking to make the choosing of the precious commodity a true joy.