Springtime Makeup Ideas for Ladies

  • March 2nd, 2017
  • Beauty
  • Melanie Hughes

Spring is a fantastic opportunity for all you ladies to chuck out your old makeup styles and try something new!  We have a great selection of ideas to get you on the way to experimenting with some interesting looks and styles now we are heading into the season of spring.

Firstly, stop using heavy old foundations!  It is a good time to begin using lighter weight, serum or moisturiser foundations instead of cakey powders and liquids.  The new formulations out at the moment are great for perfect coverage without looking thick and heavy.  Remember that sunlight can make foundation look far more obvious than it does in your mirror at home!

Eyeshadow is a good place to begin when looking for different looks – try a subtle wash of shimmering greens or blues over the eyelid for a pretty look, or amp up the intensity with a coloured eye liner.  Try to move away from black liner, as this is classically winter makeup and can look aging in the sun.