Stay Out There No.5, Your Time’s Not Up

There are so many different types of scent these days.  We go through phases every few years where a very girlie, sweet, floral number comes along and it is the favourite of the advertising world for a few months.  Every magazine worth it’s salt will be featuring it somewhere alongside an advertorial.  There will be a young celebrity, or perhaps a popular young actress being used as the face of the perfume.

For some reason I always think of a certain perfume inextricably linked to the number 5, whenever I see the face of Audrey Hepburn.  I have no idea whether she used it, or even liked it.  The very name has such power that it can only be linked to the older generation.  It is too ‘normal’ and slightly old fashioned and not for the young generation it seems.  The exotic parisian scenes live on for another advertising campaign!