Airline Shop Leads With Luxe Duty Frees

When I was off on my travels recently and after putting the airplane’s safety notices back in their pouch, I took a good long glance at the sales catalogue.  Loads of perfumes and products for us all at the usual travel sales guide.  Of course the goods can only be bought via the airline on that flight.  They have one duty free price and it’s down to each indiividual customer to know how much they can take into the country they’re travelling to for final desintation.  The range oif products is quite small but of course, it’s limited to how much each aircraft storage system can handle.  I did notice that the products all seems very familiar – the same few that we have on the shelf of a chemist or superstore at home.  No prices on view – that suprised me.   The items bought at the duty free shop at the departing airport have to be kept separate and are classed as duty free – i.e. no VAT has been oaid in accordance with travel rules.   All passengers have to declare anything they’ve brought into a country and it is tempting to try to hide all purchases.  But not a good idea – US Border control is not a fun item to go thru!