Be A Knock Out Guest For The Right Reasons

One of the mysteries of life as far as I am concerned is the way that perfume is manufactured.  I know of course that in days of yore, the monks used to collect various herbs and wild flowers and make up all kinds of potions and magical remedies.  This is why so many of them were known for their herboriums, for the positive healing powers.  Today, the most healing thing for me when I feel down is to spray very lightly my most favourite scent.  The high notes are balmy floral and essentially very pretty.  The low notes are mor musk I think, although I’m not so well up on this actual science.  I do know though that in the extreme heat of this summer, with it’s furnace effect followed later on by the draining humidity, using less perfume can sometimes be more effective.  Some scent  can almost knock you out, for the wrong reason!