Beauty Tips

Our fave Beauty Tips…

1. Cleanse religiously! Use a good quality cleanser to remove makeup, dirt and grime EVERY night before bed.  You can simply wash with water in the morning.

2. Moisturise your face.  Even if you have oily skin, moisture helps to keep you looking young.

3. Choose your foundation carefully – ask at beauty counters to try different formulas and find one which works with your skin type.

4. Choose heavy eyes OR lips – it often looks better to play up one feature rather than several at once, so try a heavy eye with a nude lip, or a bold lip with a neutral eye!

5. Set it all in place: use a good setting powder to keep makeup from shifting as the day wears on.  You can use a setting spray at the end of your routine too.

6. Wing it good – get a good wing for your eyeliner by lining up the edge with the end of your eyebrow -this should be a perfect angle and length!

7. Layer up mascara lightly instead of putting one thick coat on.  Use a comb in between coats to separate lashes.

8. When using false lashes, cut the strip into 3 chunks and stick each one on separately.  This will look more natural, and is easier than trying to stick a full strip on!

9. Nail polish goes on smoother if you use two or three thin coats rather than one thick coat.  It’ll dry faster too!