Enjoy The Spectacle Of The Perfume Counters

In my ignorance or niaviity, I avoided using perfume and scented products for most of my life.  I think possibly I’d had a reaction to a spray of scent or maybe my mother decided for me that I was unable to wear it.  However, these false worries make such an impact on our ability to try out new ideas.  When I’m in a gorgeously posh department store, I never fail to wander around the very glamorous and fabulously smelly beauty counters.   Those ladies that hold court behind their counters – always very made up and always smelling divine, are supposed to advertise their wares for the store and the brand.  These days I just eoy their spectacle and buy my perfoume products online where there is a wealth of information and help about each product, the high notes and base notes, the ingredients to bring the perfume to its finished state.