Even In Senior Confusion, Perfume Retains Its Hold

Taking care of precious things is something we all think we are very good at.  Secretive little billets-doux as young love spring – never too eternally it turns out, but long enough to want to hide any written evidence . . .  Then there is the jewellery box with our favourite little bits and bobs collected over the years.   I discovered recently that a close relative is going through a rather traumatic patch, having had to be moved in to a nearby care home because of the inevitability of encroaching befuddlement!  Many things have gone by the wayside in her life.  She used to be really hot on cleanliness and woe betide anyone sitting in her company who was not immacualtely turned out.  Sadly not now and her clothes are usually covereed in dinner.  But her love of perfume remains and she is very careful with the application – choosing different bottles as the mood takes her.