Feeling Great Is Halfway There

Funny how some ladies only feel they’re up and alive for their pulic when they sport a tan of some sort.  It was once the reserve of the rich and famous to sport an all over but some folk seem to be taking this a bit too far.  I thought orange tans had gone out of fashion.  Apparently not.  In my local gym where I go circuit traning, there are two young women owners .  They are the two most enthusiastic women on this earth and they really do encourage me to take the next stage on – done 10 sit ups? – not enough, do another 20!  These two happy ladies are both hooked on having tans all year round.  They obviously feel  it boosts their athethletic prowess.  I know one of them also has to have anti allergy medication – she can’t bear heavy  perfumes around her and this could be problematic with her lady customers1