From Lavender Bags To Perfumery Fan

I had never been a tremendous fan of lavender as a plant or scent.  It seems to have past me by as just something my grandmother grew in her garden and eventually made hundreds of lavender bags with.  These were tiny little squares of any materials left overs – she would machine sew three sides up, carefully turn them inside out, iron them neatly and then fill with tiny, suitably dried lavender petals.  They would be put in undies drawers, suitcases, clothes cupboards etc.   Some of my grandmother’s favourite perfumery products were actually lavender scented.  One particularly popular line, made by one of the oldest makers in the UK is literally called old lavender, and it does smell like it sounds!   I recently bought some of these lavender products for the friend of my grandma and she was so pleased, tearful in fact.  Ushering me to try on the products whilst I was happily applying some to her own wrist, I suddenly reaslised what a lovely aroma it is – fresh and calming at the same time.