From Summer Into Autumnal Perfume Change

Oh how this summer is settling into the familiar pattern of recent years.  In fact the year as a whole is.  Dreadful winter months from end of October, storms and flooding like we’ve not had in living memory.   The raifall, so much needed in the summer months, only seems to hit in quantity when we don’t really appear to need it.  When we look at how different the seasons used to be in my youth, it baffles me how we used to behave in my youth.  Changing the clothes at Easter for the summer wardrobe and again at Halloween when we went back to winter wear.  My mother used to change her perfume products too.  As soon as it was winter time, the Ma Grief was put away and out would come the Joy or L’Ament.  This ritual of changing products brought the year’s events in to focus.  That doesn’t happen anymore it seems.