Grannie’s Old Peculiar – Combats Nasty Niffs

A little drop of a favourite scent has always been the way to win over a cranky old relative – be she a grandma or great aunt.  There are a great number of old fashioned perfumes that would have been the number one on a list of 2 things you could buy for a present!  Who remembers the heady name of 4711?  This amazingly strong cologne was named that by the perfumier based in Cologne, Germany.  Why the chap didn’t change it from the laboratory reference number, we’ll probably never know for certain but it does has an unmistakable aroma and look.  The bottles used to be round medallion shaped, with a fancy fluted stopper.  The label was very noticeable too – turquiose and gold filligree paterns all over the place.   I was in Cologne myself very recently and had forgotten this titbit of info.  When I went past the 4711 store I was humbled – it was heaving with folk!