Great Aunt’s Daily Routine Is A Scented Wonder & Delight

I’ve just been away with relatives – one of whom is well into her 90s.  This old bird is as lively as ever.  A real Londoner; having been born in Rotherhythe, could well claim to be of the East Enders brigade.  She does not portray that though.  No coarse language or miserable mannerisms for this one.  She’s a bright and chatty as anyone ever could be and has gorgeous shiny blue eyes.   Her daily routine is the same as when we used to go and stay in the holidays.  Get up early, throw open the windows, breathe in deeply and rythically for 5 minutes, then do some bending & stretching exercises, I do the same ones but call it pilates.  Then she can shower and breakfast. . .  woe betide anyone trying to interrupt this routine.  I love that she still pops on a little perfume every day – from a selection on her dresser. We must keep up standards you know!