Keeping Things Lively & Bright Through Spring

There’s definitely a touch of early spring in the air now.  Christmas, with all the mulled wine and cinanamon stick smells has well and truly gone and we can look forward to the aroma of spring.  Hyacinth bulbs are coming out early – in fact all the usual garden bulbs are confused – after the very odd summer where we lerched from seriously wet – including flooding for much of the early summer – leading immediately into being parche dfor weeks on end, the poor things don’t know where they are.  I have hundreds of daffs popping through too.  so time for a shake up of the daily routine.  I like to lighten my perfume for spring and even more for summer.  I love the idea of floating along on a cloud of the lightest sweet scent imaginable.  I have several half used bottles of perfume which I keep in my ensuite cabinet – well out of the way of sunshine, damp, cold etc.  Me, perfume and cold to not go!