Memories Rekindled With Teenage Perfume Joy

I’ve had presents to get for a couple of seriously difficult people to buy for this year.  Both of them are very aged and both have dementia in varous stages.  It’s terribly difficult to concentrate the mind on any subject when we visit either of them – they flit from one bizarre disjointed sentence to another and it’s just a jumble of this memory or that coming out in bursts of conversation.  I have tried asking about school days and we can have five minutes of almost normal chat.   I discovered recently though a common very calming and restorative joy features for both of these very sad relatives – their love of perfumery products.  This discovery was by happy accident. I bought a bottle of perfume from their youth for Christmas presents.  This was an absolute miracle solution and I have been their much remembered and favourite visitor since!  Who would have thought that perfume could restore such pleasure.