Neurobiology – Whooh Who Knew!

We probably all tend to think of perfume or aftershave as the finishing touch to an outfit in our daily dressing routine.  I’s true to say that generally I do stick fairly rigidly to a routie myself, i.e. alarm,teeth, jump into shower, apply anti wrinkle cream, body lotion, bending and stretching exercises and Pilates for 20 minutes, then back into ensuite for moisturing face cream.  I love the feeling that my regular habits have formed me into a normal and almost fit human of a certain age.  I also like the fact that my favourite products are perfumed with easily recognisable aroma – my body lotion doesn’t seem right without a very faint whiff of cocoa butter.  My anti wrinkle is unperfumed – no matter, it does at least allow the top product to have a more sophisticated air!  But once I’m dressed, hair tidy and before I have that final glance in the head to toe mirror, I engage brain and neurobiology . . . the connection between what the nostrils pick up and what the brain appreciates.