Old Routines Still Work For Mature Skincare

My Mother has been using a particular moisturising lotion all her adult life and now she’s well into her 90s, I can vouch for it working fantastically.  I am now senior in terms of age, and I still do carry out a good skin routine though and it has paid off. After my comforting morning shower, I dry off and apply anti wringkle cream to my throat and face – applying carefully, a tiny wee bit round the eyes. After teeth and body lotion, I apply high SPF daytime moisturiser to my face and throat.  I’m careful about choosing at least 30 spf for added protection from daytime sun rays.  At night I remove all eye liner & mascara dedicated liquid eye make up remover cotton pad and then wash my face with creamy cleanser, rinsing off with hot water and clean flannel.  I then apply the same facial anti wrinkle cream, body lotion to arms & legs and then night time facial moisturiser.  Voila, perfection!