The Science Behind Perfumes Is Noted

There are so many perfumes out there – the beauty shops and cosmetic counters are swimming in bottles of scent of some sort or another and our ears are bombarded with sales assistants imploring us to buy this offer or that when we get to the checkout.  I am very careful about any perfumery products as when I was growing up, I always felt as if I had a headache if anyone sprayed me with scent, even mother’s very best Ma Griefe.    All perfumes consist of various high, middle and base notes.  For example you could have one that offered Lime as a top note, i.e. it has a stronger prescence and with this could be chamomile as a middle note and to finish off at the base, patchouli.   All three have their own special and unique whiff but they work together and produce a magnificent scent on aother day.