Winter Fragrance Choices

As we move away from summer and more into Autumn and Winter, it is a good time to have a look at our fragrance choices.  During the warmer months, we are often drawn towards floral, fruity fragrances which are light and fresh.  This suits the warmth of summer, as we do not want to be too heavy with our scents.  However, moving into the winter is a good opportunity to try a heavier fragrance.

Luxurious musks, oriental and aromatic scents really suit the cooler months, with edible scents such as vanilla, ginger and cinnamon coming into play.  We can make a switch from light eau de toilette scents to the deeper and richer eau de parfums.  These have a higher concentration of perfume compared to the eau de toilettes, so can be relatively strong!  Use a light hand to spritz your scent into the air around you, then walk through the fragrance mist in order to get a more subtle scent on you.