Winter Walks Re-Energise The Skin & Senses

When winter approaches, there’s a tendency to keep indoors – no cold air allowed!  I personally love going out in the cold.  I’m not keen on damp, but a crisp cold morning charges up the senses!  I am fastidious about my skin care anyway but for winter I do ensure I drink just as much fluid – usually plain water – as I can to keep nourished and hydrated.  Nothing is more aging for skin than being parched – oh, and smoking.  I know several past colleagues who lit up a cig every break time.  They show the results now.  Lines, around the mouth and jaw.  Sallow skin.  Not a good look in your 50s or 60s.  I apply extra body lotion if my hands and feet feel dry and rough.  I also cover my mouth and chin with a comfy scarf when out walking – stops that freezing feeling going down on the chest and protects against drying effects of wind on face and neck.